The desk

If I were to have a safe haven, I think I’d have to say that it would be my desk. Over the years, I’ve designed it over and over to fit the way I was using it. It’s fun to move things around and conceptualize what to put on the cork board and which goes where; I think the personality it creates is what makes it my safe haven. This isn’t how it looks right now (I took the photo two months back, you see) but I think it sums up how it looks on most days.

1. Pretty bittersweet. There used to be two posters where this FOB poster now lies– a SIGNED and WON ‘The Script’ poster and a poster from my LFC project, Loyola Screen: ‘Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa’. I’m guessing it went missing or they took it down during the summer. Finding it missing (how paradoxical haha) was saddening for me since both the posters were two important events of my life! Fortunately, my siblings FINALLY found my Fall Out Boy Folie a Deux CD which came with the poster.

I like how the missing but now found Fall Out Boy poster replaced the missing posters. There’s a metaphor in there somewhere.

2. These stack of papers aren’t on the desk anymore but these are the papers I want next to me for me to remember like cards, forms, and quizzes.

3. Because my shelves aren’t enough anymore, I have a stack of books, notebooks, magazines, and papers here. Now, it consists of my lovely theology notes, bible, phenomenological paper on moving on, a cook book lent by friend and the latest issue of Adobo magazine.

4. Formerly known as Dan, this is where Charles stays! My brother bought him for me for Christmas and I’ve been pretty determined to master playing it. Other than the fact I don’t have a ukulele case, I put him on my desk so I remember to practice and to relieve stressful days.

5. My pencil case with my iPod USB connector, USB, pens, highlighters, and alcohol. It’s usually on the desk when I have a lot of stuff to do but when I don’t I like to keep it in my school bag.

6. My hard drive which consists of my photoshoots, documentation, music, TV series, movies, orgwork, and vectors.

7. At the time, I was reviewing for my Histo 165 LT thus the highlighter and the highlighted notes.

8. MY BABY! I can definitely say that my laptop is one of the things I’d bring with me if the dormitory all of a sudden catches on fire. I’ve never had a laptop for myself since we were given a lot of laptops. This, I think, is the most updated laptop I’ve ever had with Windows 8 and everything!

9. The cork board. I never really like posting stuff on it because I realize how making it look artsy does nothing for me, really. I used to post important papers like forms and lists but I’d completely forget about them. Now, I put certificates, IDs from conferences, tickets, pictures, a study tour brochure, and letters. I look at it more now for some reason; I’m guessing it’s because of the different things I put on the cork board which make me accomplished and happy.

10. A list of good thoughts good people have told me. It’s good to remember the people who have your back when you feel powerless.

11. My workload which consists of my theo book, theo readings, philo readings, and Social Marketing worksheets.



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