Of Floating

IMG_0340Before anything, I’d like to formally introduce my blog. Formerly known as The Loved Less, I wanted a blog more in tune with feel good posts for those who feel/felt depressed or anxious. For more than seven years, you see, those are the two giants the little David in me had to face. Going back to the topic at hand, I wanted to start a blog that would help people divert their attention away from all the bad feelings into something more productive or more light and fun. I’m not entirely sure that this blog and it’s posts will actually help people but if I could make one person even slightly less depressed then I’ll be happy.

Junior year has, so far, been a roller coaster. Second semester, I think, is arguably the more difficult one out of the two. With Father Dacanay, project-based Communication subjects, a History class in Filipino, and one of the most eloquent Philosophy professors, I guess you can say that I have my own handful of high standards set by numerous people. Admittedly, the pressure of academics sometimes makes me shut out all of the stress without the tiniest amount of effort to be productive. Right now, I feel like one of the seniors who are just floating around school not having to worry or do anything academic related. And I think that’s actually okay.

I think these moments are necessary sometimes. If you think about it, we are going to always be busy no matter where we are in our lives and I think a little bit of procrastination and relaxation is okay. Sometimes we must feel a distance between the crazy work and ourselves; of course, it’s all just a matter of setting the limit for yourself. I’m not saying we let go of work completely or irresponsibly; working in itself has it’s own function and purpose but I think relaxing and putting off a few requirements has it’s own kind of beauty as well. Read a book, surf the web, play guitar, any means of stress relieving is needed for just about anyone.

So keep floating on, friends, and lets hope this blog sticks.

Photography by: Florence Sison

Of Floating

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