Hidden Gem: Book Cafe

IMG_8619In a city as small as Baguio, it gets difficult to find new places to explore because of how hidden these places seem to be. More often than not, people get attracted to or are prone to head towards the sights that are visible and popular. It’s not a bad thing, to be honest. The great thing about these places is that they come off as convenient and reliable.

But believe it or not, there are still  a lot of other places to go to rather than the usual go-tos like SM and John Hay. If you’re in need of a fix for a completely different space, then this next series entitled ‘Hidden Gems’ will definitely be for you. Showcasing a few of Baguio’s hidden treasures, this series will hopefully give everyone a good reason to explore the city and find their own kind of escape.


Amongst the busy road filled with buses, University of Cordillera students, and tourists in hopes of buying the perfect pasalubong, you would never think to find a lovely cafe complete with an entire wall full of books, coffee, cream puffs, and a touch of Korean cuteness. But that, my dear readers, we did. We found this nifty little nook called the Book Cafe.

To those of you who do not know, Governor Pack Road, the road in which the cafe is located, is one of the most busy and crowded places of Baguio. To be honest what first attracted me to the cafe was not the usual things like it’s service, interior, or it’s food but it’s ability to successfully manage the dainty atmosphere even when there was so much going on outside.

IMG_8508 IMG_8511The Book Cafe no doubt gives you a beautiful sight as you step in. It’s interior design is so lovely and very welcoming and most definitely unexpected. The first of the Book Cafe’s interior features that will most likely catch your eye is the wall full of colorful post-its. Up close, you’ll notice that the post-its are made up of Bible verses, cheesy love notes, claims that it’s their first time there, and their absolute love for the cafe. It gives the cafe personality and it’s own spin to a freedom wall giving customers a chance to write down whatever! You don’t even need to have a pen and paper to post on the wall. All you need to do is ask the staff behind the counter and they give them to you.

What’s lovely about this feature is that it draws you into the interior of the cafe and it makes you see the second of the cafe’s features which is the book shelf. This lovely shelf has a few selections such as novels and magazines. Unfortunately for my friends and I, not a lot are of the books are in English but it is definitely enticing and gives the feel for a perfect getaway with a book at hand.

Other than the bigger more visible features, the tiny details also give the Book Cafe a lovely touch! Apparently, you can be a member of the cafe and get discounts for drinks and more. What’s lovely about it is that they take a Polaroid picture of you and hang it on this blackboard full of other pictures of their members. They also display tiny quirky trinkets on the other shelves of the cafe such as mini flowers, a small coffee press (if I am not mistaken), children’s books, and other figurines.

IMG_8610 IMG_8609 IMG_8608Maybe it’s my idea of the perfect cafe, or the book shelf, or the very hospitable service but this cafe gives off such a warm atmosphere– one that invites you to take a day off for yourself to relax and let go of all the hulabaloo outside. It’s great! Imagine yourself cooping up in your own little corner of the cafe with a mug of their delicious coffee and relaxing. An atmosphere that seems to have come straight from a movie!

As I said before, their service definitely adds to the warm personality the cafe gives off. They interact with you asking a few questions and they smile. They also laughed at my awkward personality  (that or she felt sorry no one was laughing at my poor jokes huhu) so I definitely find that to be a plus! Overall, their service is pretty great.

IMG_8562IMG_8569But, of course, lets not forget the most important highlight: food and beverages. As amazing as the interior and the atmosphere is, if a cafe or restaurant can’t satisfy your taste buds with their food and drinks or isn’t even worth the pretty dime you spent on it then it’s not worth the stay. Luckily, the Book Cafe delivers in that department just as well!

They mostly serve coffee such as macchiatos, cappucinos, and lattes and sadly only a few pastries like cookies and cream puffs. They also sell Korean cup noodles which seems fitting since the cafe definitely gives a very Korean vibe but to be honest I was hoping they would sell other kinds of food like sandwiches or anything other than pastries. It might’ve been because I was feeling hungry after my friends and I went touring around Baguio but I also think it would be a great addition to the food they sell.

I wasn’t able to taste their cream puffs but their coffee is great. For prices not over a hundred pesos, their drinks are pretty delicious and their presentation with the different mugs and coffee art is just so quirky! I find that to be very sulit in my books.

All in all, my Book Cafe experience was nothing short of lovely and surprising. I would love to go back and maybe even write my blog posts there a couple of times this summer. You should all check this hidden gem out!

Book Cafe: #26 Baden Powell Inn, Governor Pack Rd., 2600 Baguio City

Hidden Gem: Book Cafe

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