The Lately: Client Work and Renaissance


1. I’ve been doing a bit of client work lately and I love it. I’ve been learning Illustrator (which I never thought I’d get around doing to be honest) and making great stuff which I can hopefully show you all soon.Image

2. I’ve been reading this book Gabe gave me recently and it has been okay so far. It hasn’t gripped me into excitement yet though which is the main problem with me and not finishing books.

3. #cheesypost This guy visited me in Baguio for a couple of days which was great!! I got to meet his two best friends and he got to meet my family. Wuhoo to important couple stuff!

IMG_20131224_2323384. Christmas dinner was spent in the Manor. It was a really good dinner coupled with laughs, selfies, and stories. The entertainment could use some work but at least he’s still photograph-ical.

I am absolutely grateful for the holidays and time off my responsibilities although I have admittedly been putting a couple things off which I should probably get back to. Though, I wish I could stay like this for more than the Christmas break. I really miss resting and doing the things that calm me down.

I hope everyone else is enjoying their holidays as well!


The Lately: Client Work and Renaissance

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