100: The eventful week

In comparison to last week, this week was really great. I wish weeks were more like this!

14. January 20, 2014

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

The outgoing CB deliberated on the incoming CB and finalized a bit of it. Afterwards, the gang (not complete) headed to Carmela’s. Love hanging out with these people!

15. January 21, 2014

IMG_20140121_121302[1] Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

This boy can definitely spoil me!

16. January 22, 2014


Headed to DDB to get my certification, evaluations, and this neat package from Abbey! I love it when I finish everything I need to do. Productivity gives me such determination to do everything else. At night, I spent the time with Max and Miggy discussing Philosophy and the paper.

17. January 23, 2014


Got home at 1:30. Wrote my paper till 2:00. Woke up at 4:30. Wrote till 6:00. Slept at 7:00. Woke up at 8:00. Practiced with Daryll and Gerard at 9:00. Went to consult with Calano at 10:00. Went back to the dorm to get my package at 11:30. Went back to the lib and then wrote my paper till 1:30. Did a run through with Daryll and Gerard at 2:00. Performed at 2:30. Went back to the lib till 4:00. Deliberating whether I should go to class till 4:30. Went to MVP for Danie to proof read at 4:30. Wrote my paper till 6:20. Wrote my Theo paper till 7:00. Finalized Theo presentation and practiced a bit with Chloe and Larz till 7:45. Presentation at 8:30.


18. January 24, 2014


There were a number of things I loved about this day.

1. Gabe visited me in the room for ARSAfest with Catching Fire.

2. The goodness that is Cebu Lechon.

3. Danie and Mheanne hanging out in my room

4. Finding Danie and Mheanne still in my room a few hours after.

5. Resting up in the library with Gabe

6. The loveliness of our Broadcast Advertising ads.

Here’s a little bit of it:

Rested for the day and spent the latter part of the day with Gabe at the library. Found the maintenance room open and saw this little discovery. Earlier on in the day, I’ve noticed a lot of poetic vandalism in the girls’ bathroom. Not that this is vandalism, but I love how words can definitely express such beauty and power.pandesals

Speaking of the power in words, here is how Broadcast Advertising went with Danie and I.

19. January 25, 2014


This day was absolutely the best! Got kidnapped by my two block mates and we went to the St. Paul Pasig Fair. It was great; I got to know more about their school, the new building, and took a lot of photos of my beautiful tour guides. Today made me definitely miss hanging out with girlfriends. I never got to really hang out with anyone outside of school that wasn’t for work. I wish I had more of these. I wish we had more of these.

20. January 26, 2014


This beautiful breakfast is all it takes to make up for everything! 🙂

100: The eventful week

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