100: The colorful week

21. January 27, 2014


Color: Brown
Leaving these little envelopes and helping out the cause definitely started my day right!

22. January 28, 2014


Color: Pink
Magel brought this phone with her to school and I loved it! It was so bright pink and took the loveliest pictures. Phones like this remind me that I don’t need the best gadgets to prove my worth in photography. I just have to know my basics well enough to apply them.

23. January 29, 2014


Color: White

Grown up outfit. Grown up bag. Grown up lunch.

Alex, Danie, and I talked about graduation, the job search, the condo search, salaries, and more. The future is definitely scary but I find that facing it with the best people makes it bearable.

24. January 30, 2014


Color: Orange
Presidential duty no. 10 DONE!

25. January 31, 2014


Color: Red
The best part of the day was catching up with all of my favorite TV series including Gravity Falls. I’m so excited for it to return this February!

26. February 1, 2014


Color: Black
Ball or no ball. I am so lucky to have this stunner for a date.

Also, Alex, Gabe and I went to SM Megamall and Shangri La to shop for a gown. I love that I got to spend such a tiring task with two of my favorite people.

27. February 2, 2014


Color: Purple
Spent the day with vertigo and Gabe. Now You See Me is such an awesome movie and watching it with someone as goofy as Gabe made it twice as good.

100: The colorful week

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