Indonesia Photodiary pt. 2

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Indonesia Photodiary pt. 2


As you may have read from my previous post, I have decided to make 2014 less of a negative year than the years before. Luckily for me, I was able to find a website that will hopefully help me out with that. challenges the individual into being happy for 100 days by looking for things that brightened up their day (everyday for a hundred days). The site also gives us reasons why people often dismiss this challenge and reasons for why people should try it as well. Given that we now exist in a world that is so fueled by achievement and the never ending update of what is bigger, better, and more efficient, we, as a result, turn busy and forget about the little things that actually made us smile and thankful. From here, there comes a bigger tendency to focus on the negative because we seemingly don’t “see” the good things happening to us and only remember the bad things.

Each week I will be posting the things that made me happy for each day starting from January 7.

1. January 7, 2014

Camera 360

To be honest and brief, I hate my birthday.

Every year feels just like the other and I feel no more special than anyone else not celebrating their birthday at all. Not that I want all the attention if that’s what you were thinking. But I do wish sometimes that the day of my birth would feel more special than normal.

This year, I achieved that. Or at least some extent of it. This year I was going for genuine. I told myself earlier on, “no matter who does and doesn’t. It’s all about the people who mean it.”

My friends from the dorm greeted me at midnight with pizza, notes, and a serenade. This gave me a good start to my day because I didn’t expect it at all. It was great to see my friends again and everyone seemed to be really happy. Which made me happy.

Gabe then surprised me later in the morning with breakfast from Family Mart and a bouquet of sunflowers. The morning was definitely the best for me. I received a lovely shortcake, a letter, and pictures from Ina and tear-jerking words from all my other friends care of Gabe.

Towards the end of the day, I started feeling blue and more insecure than ever but I’d like to think that it’s a part of this growth I need to embrace. The important moral lesson I’ve learned from all this is that you can’t choose your greetings. Sometimes, yes, it would be nice to be greeted by people you love, but at the same time it would be nice to be celebrated by people who actually care. And that I think is what is truly genuine.

2. January 8, 2014


Today started with spending time with Gabe. He needed to get his mind off things and so we landed ourselves in Conti’s with a lovely hearty lunch and ‘no-problems’ session. We ended up talking about Theology, religion, marriage, and child free couples. Afterwards, we went to UP’s Via Mare where I pitched a CoSA project to 2 advertising presidents and the FAO president herself.

Afterwards, we headed back to school for our weekly CODE meeting which ended the day with riding with Carmela to Third Cup, a good reflection, and having some well deserved Tomato Brie.

3. January 9, 2014

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Graduation is in a few months. Thoughts of it scare me sometimes but not this morning. This morning felt okay.

4. January 10, 2014


After a crazy day of CoSA meetings, application forms, and problems, I ended the day with fellow officers listening to the End of Sem Council Report. It was good to end the day with people I’ve come to know. For as long as I have these people to guide me in my last hurrahs as President, then I think I’ll be okay.

5. January 11, 2014

Ho2 Ho4This deserves a separate post  which will be posted within this week 🙂

6. January 12, 2014

1514322_10151810274141436_1459001230_nSunday was spent with the Constitution and a lovely book searching with Vince. Everything in Fullybooked Cubao was 50% off! Unfortunately, when we got there, all the good books were gone and I ended up buying nothing. Afterwards, Vince treated me to Cibo which I think made up for coming out of Fullybooked empty handed.