The Lately: In Freelance and in Health

1. [ F ] U N E M P L O Y ED


That is right, folks! I, along with other friends who are also job hunting, am a fresh grad unemployed bum. Oh the words, they stinggg! I have been sending out my resume, going to job interviews, bumming, sulking, and waiting since I graduated last March (note to self: it is already May). I am honestly starting to worry a little bit about where my life is headed or, to be more specific, if my life is even headed anywhere given that I can’t even land myself a job. Not to worries, though, I’m not that depressed over it. Honestly, the time I have now is being spent on catching up on family matters, myself, and visions of what I really want to do in life (and books and movies and shows). I’m not complaining; I’m slowly having peace of mind and heart which I feel is the universe telling me that the job will come when I am ready. Lets face it, maybe I’m not.

Recently, though, I have been wanting to experience what my other block mates have been experiencing. Other than the money and stress, I also want to learn what I’ve been dying to learn ever since I fell in love with Advertising and Communication in college. What exactly do you say to difficult clients? Who do you go to when you have a problem with a Creative? How is the job different from my experience in a school organization? Will everything I learn actually be of use? I want to apply everything I know to a real job.

But alas! It will have to wait! For now, I’ll be sending out my resumes to everyone. (Also, hello to possible employers! Please hire me. I want to work.) hahaha



While the universe and I have been figuring out when I will absolutely be ready, I have been on, which is a site for freelance artists who want to earn. So far I have made a flyer for a beauty salon and have yet to digitalize (digitize?) a shirt design, another flyer, and a paper bag design. I’m loving it, because it challenges me and gives me the overdue Illustrator practice I need. So far, it has been great. I’ve also been reading up on design books so I get to know the elements broken down.


Kayla Itsines is a trainer and recently released two e-books on attaining the bikini bod of your dreams. I found her on Instagram and took the entire time scrolling through her feed. The transformations of different girls are insane! Not to mention, their stories are really motivating. Ever since I stumbled upon her feed, I have been wanting to get more fit and healthy. I started my summer already cutting down on food that wasn’t healthy for me but I couldn’t bring myself to actually exercise. Luckily, my boyfriend got to wake me up this morning and yelled me out of bed to actually do what I’ve been wanting to do since March. Hopefully, this becomes a lifestyle and I actually achieve a healthier more fit me.

The Lately: In Freelance and in Health

100: The colorful week

21. January 27, 2014


Color: Brown
Leaving these little envelopes and helping out the cause definitely started my day right!

22. January 28, 2014


Color: Pink
Magel brought this phone with her to school and I loved it! It was so bright pink and took the loveliest pictures. Phones like this remind me that I don’t need the best gadgets to prove my worth in photography. I just have to know my basics well enough to apply them.

23. January 29, 2014


Color: White

Grown up outfit. Grown up bag. Grown up lunch.

Alex, Danie, and I talked about graduation, the job search, the condo search, salaries, and more. The future is definitely scary but I find that facing it with the best people makes it bearable.

24. January 30, 2014


Color: Orange
Presidential duty no. 10 DONE!

25. January 31, 2014


Color: Red
The best part of the day was catching up with all of my favorite TV series including Gravity Falls. I’m so excited for it to return this February!

26. February 1, 2014


Color: Black
Ball or no ball. I am so lucky to have this stunner for a date.

Also, Alex, Gabe and I went to SM Megamall and Shangri La to shop for a gown. I love that I got to spend such a tiring task with two of my favorite people.

27. February 2, 2014


Color: Purple
Spent the day with vertigo and Gabe. Now You See Me is such an awesome movie and watching it with someone as goofy as Gabe made it twice as good.

100: The colorful week

100: The bad week

This week was exhausting, frustrating, and depressing. As this project has advised me, however, I must look at the bright little things that make days more special. Even if, as a whole, the day pretty much sucked. Luckily for me, the week ended on a good note and left with a lot of promise for the next. I think that is a pretty great consolation for a bad week.

I’m glad to still be able to look at the bright side of things even when things start to bring me down.

7. January 13, 2014


Today was not a good day, to be honest. I started my morning crying and felt horrible for the rest of the day. Good thing, fried chicken was invented. Yup, chicken goood.

8. January 14, 2014


Gabe and I started having a lot of trouble but thankfully we had pause moments like these to remind us of happier days. We had a photoshoot for CoSA’s human auction. Him carrying me was no easy task since I have really bad trust issues. Jumping on top of him took about twenty minutes of deciding whether I should do it or not.

9. January 15, 2014


For as long as the day ended with us being friends again, then it was an okay day.

10. January 16, 2014

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I had interviews for most of the day and forgot to study up on my Political Science. I did horribly and scored a 0 out of a 100 for my day’s recitation but luckily for me it didn’t bring me down as much as I thought it would.

11. January 17, 2014


12. January 18, 2014


Today started great with Broadcast Advertising and later a Ramen Oh date with Gabe and Don Jon. What really struck me on this day was my professor’s wide grasp for knowledge.

Nothing gets me more driven than passionate people and productivity. When people inspire me with their drive and their capacity for knowledge, it makes me want to be a better person as well. I love learning from different people and talking about different things with them. I love discovering new things and getting better myself.

13. January 19, 2014

IMG_20140120_083454[1]Gabe, Johnet, and I watched Ali perform for Entablado’s “Juan Tamban”. I got to understand a filipino play for once (please don’t judge me haha) and really relate to the message the play tried to express. Before watching the play, Gabe and I bought a cake for Ali (since all the nearby flower shops had lousy flowers).

Afterwards, Gabe and I headed to Katipunan Extension to eat. Since we decided to eat somewhere we haven’t tried before, we ate at Cafe 205. It was not a good decision on our part. The food wasn’t great and was priced expensively but we took the bad dinner as a learning experience to never eat there again. Haha! We, then, went to Conti’s for a good dessert. Their cakes are heaven!

100: The bad week